Holi + Moozik = Holi Cow Festival!

Wondering, how to celebrate holi this year??

Well, here is an option to consider – The Holy Cow Festival !


Holi Cow Festival which happens on 27th March, 2013 is an amalgamation of colors, foot-tapping music, dance and culture. A blend of traditional celebration and awesome music. Yeah, the line-up consists of artistes from varying nationalities.

The entire event from 12pm till 8PM is divided into three stages:

  • THIS STAGE: High energy fusion electronica
  • THAT STAGE: Foot stomping, head spinning Electronic Dance Music experiments
  • WHICH STAGE: Laid back melange of blues, rock, alternative and genre independent music and poetry.

When: March 27, 2013, 12pm-8pm

Venue: Zorba, MG Road, Near Sultanpur Metro Station, New Delhi, India

Facebook page: Holi Cow Festival    Book E-ticket at: Kyazoonga


Linux Indore 2008 – A Huge Success !

I guess…..the last post turned fortune in my favor 😉

Well guys and gals…. Linux Indore 2008 was a huge success…..13000 was the number of crowd (approx.)….Unbelievable !….. People taking Open Source seriously !!

Things to be noticed were –

1) People more interested in multimedia stuff in LINUX

2) Certifications available ?? ( a lot of guys came, asking for the details )

As always, the Dignitaries, including Directors from various colleges got actively involved in the Quiz Session and what better platform can be other than this to thank them. Unbelievably 80% of the answers received from the crowd were correct ( I told you …people are taking open source serioously !! 😉 )

The event wrapped up by 6:30pm…..and we rushed for dinner to JAL ! ( the hardwork has payed off ! )

Last but not the least…..hats-off to Prabhat Sir and Mayank Sir for smoothly shaping up the event and to the complete LINUX Indore crew who converted the event into a huge success !!

Snaps Feedback

Linux Indore 2008 – Are you ready for the change ??

Back to blogging from a long gap….hope that the readers love this one !

Open Source !! Open Source is yet to spread its wings in INDIA. Although the year 2008 is said to be the Open Source year, still open source culture is finding it difficult to reach the common masses. The only reason being they are UNAWARE ! Several Linux User Groups have been formed but still only a few seem to be aware of this very fact. They are still inside the cocoon where they find proprietary software as the only solution to their computing needs. C’mon guys, Give me a break !!

Linux Users Group worldwide are continuously trying to spread the “Open Source” word. In line with the same thought Linux Users Goup Indore, INDIA is coming up with a day long event on 30th of September at DAVV Auditorium, Indore. There will be sessions on various alternatives to Proprietary Software, some workshops, programming logic sessions and a few Quizzes ( Yes, there is no entry fees… Relax ! )

All those who wish to contribute to the same, can do so at htttp://linuxindore.com. Get yourself registered and throw in your ideas, suggestions etc.

Hope the event brings a fractional change towards spreading Open Source.

Wish me luck !!

Techfest 2008: Dream On…….A recap !!

Dream on……thats what i literally mean to say to the readers of this post !! ” There are things which could only be felt and not explained “……thats the impact which TECHFEST left on me…..!!!

Being at TECHFEST…….. i had the priviledge to meet Mr.Atul Chitnis and Sir Jon “Maddog” Hall.

  • Imagine…….. attending a class where your faculty is none other than The Executive Director of Linux International…….and you are having complete freedom to ask the dumbest question….(atleast i did so, and enjoyed that too) !!
  • Imagine……. a crowd of 30,000 singing “Vande Mataram”……60,000 hands clapping and waiving….. and the dance group from Israel performing on the same…… !!

TECHFEST came, rocked and went…..but the memories left would be cherished !!

The above said is a “zipped format” of what i experienced. Try to be a part of TECHFEST – 2009 if you missed this time……!!!!

BarCamp @ Techfest 2008 – IIT Bombay………!!!

So you have attended seminars, workshops and even conferences…….How about an un-conference ???

Yes, this is what Barcamp is all about ……….UN-CONFERENCE !!! 🙂

Welcome to BarCamp @ Techfest 2008

A place where you discuss and brain-storm ideas, where you meet with people working on the same ideas which interests you……..and all those geeky stuff !!! A place where you get an open environment to learn…!

At Barcamp…..come face to face with —

Mr. Atul Chitnis: Founder of FOSS.IN (One of Asia’s Largest FOSS Conferences)

Jon “madogg” Hall: Executive Director of Linux International.

and many more to come………

Till date 78 Camper’s have already registered…………… DON’T MISS IT !!!

Visit: http://barcamp.org/techfest

A GUI tool to view Linux(ext2, ext3, reiserfs) filesystem from Windows !!

Experimenting with files, somehow i corrupted my Linux partition last night. Being a novice user the only option left was a fresh Linux re-install, but before that i needed a backup of the files i created on the Linux partition.

X-Server not starting and i need a backup of the files (Simply, copying the files to Windows partition would do…..tried a lot but of no use -> Windows (NTFS partition !!))

Finally, found a GUI tool Explore2fs which could recognize the Linux partition from Windows………. and got the work done !!


Hope it helps !!

PS: The tool is to be installed on Windows only !!

Online material from IIT and IISc Professors !!

Hey friends, a lot of you must not be a book worm but would definitely be an E-Book worm, like me ! Having a collection of e-books in your system…good work, but don’t you think…what if your system crashes !!!

Voila !! There is a remedy for the same…Check out http://nptel.iitm.ac.in/ where you get access to the best materials on any topic, a joint venture by seven IITs and IIsc. The materials being uploaded by eminent professors from the institutes.

Your part of work: Just register yourself and get access to the pool of knowledge… 🙂

Spread the word and help in enhancing the quality of education in INDIA……

What more to expect ???